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Hot Water Heaters

The cost of heating water is among the top utility costs for homeowners, so choosing the right water heater for your family is important. In Northeast Ohio most homeowners continue to use the standard storage style water heaters, but today there are choices that could save you money.

There are generally three styles of water heaters available to homeowners today. Understanding how they work is crucial to choosing one that provides your family with the most advantages. Our professionals will walk you through their features to help you determine which is right for you.

Storage water heaters

The storage water heater, in which a tank holds 20, 30 or 50 gallons of heated water, continues to be a popular choice for most homeowners. It is the least expensive to purchase and install and will generally give you 15 years of service with proper care and servicing.

For the average busy family, tank style heaters continue to be the go-to choice because they provide access to hot water for multiple users at the same time. With the proper size tank for your family, you can usually cover the demand for hot water without draining the tank.

Disadvantages include the wait time for recovery when the tank is drained and the heat loss that results when water sits in the tank unused.

Tankless (demand) water heaters

Tankless water heaters became popular as homeowners were looking for energy efficiency and savings on utility bills. Because they heat water as it is needed, there is no wasted energy, potentially reducing monthly bills dramatically. They also have a longer life—20 years with proper care and service.

Because there is no need for storage, tankless water heaters are extremely compact. Smaller units take a few square feet on a wall, so they are a great option when space is at a premium. They also provide a continuous supply of hot water—no worries about draining the tank when you fill the garden tub.

This type of system does have disadvantages, the key one being cost. A tankless system costs more to purchase and install. It is also important to determine the proper size for your family before committing to such a system. The average family typically requires a larger unit, which may require installation of a larger vent to accommodate demand.

Tankless systems have some limitations. While they provide hot water immediately, they do so only to one source at a time. Busy families whose habits involve simultaneous showers, for example, may find a tankless system less than satisfactory.

Heat pump water heaters

Heating water with your heat pump can be a great cost savings, with various options ranging from installation of a new unit to retrofitting your heat pump to work with your conventional storage tank. While these options involve some additional upfront cost, the savings can be significant when it comes to energy usage.

Our professionals can help you determine if your current system is conducive to this upgrade. These systems are most efficient in moderate climates and they must have an appropriate amount of space around the storage tank to allow for air movement.

Call today for a consultation on your water heating needs. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the most efficient way to heat water for your family.



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